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Re: MFG homepage at www.tug.org

> Ulrik,
> I am definitely worried, since I use my good e-mail-address (almost spam 
> free untill now) for the mailing list activities.

> Since the spammers' robots do not necessarily follow the robots.txt 
> conventions, I want a stronger measure (like removing the e-Mail address
> entirely) before publishing the mailing list archive on the web.

I'll see about it.  So far the URL hasn't been advertised anywhere
outside this mailing list.  Removing the email address entirely may 
be difficult since that might leave the "From" field completely empty,
but there seems to be an option to turn off the generation of mailto 
links (see http://www.tug.org/mhonarc/ for the converter's manual).  
Also note that there are archives of other existing mailing lists at

Cheers, Ulrik.

Another option might be to restrict access to the mail archive
directory to group members, but how?