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MFG homepage at www.tug.org

During the last week, I've been making arrangements with Karl Berry 
to establish a homepage and an archive site for the Math Font Group 
at www.tug.org, primarily consisting of material (mail, documents,
implementations) I had previously collected under my own homepage.

The new address is at


It does not yet appear as a link on the TUG homepage, so you'll have
to know where to go directly, but we are working on that.  If you have
any material you wish to have added (e.g. links to related documents
or papers), please let me know and I'll take care of it.

Of particular interest may be the complete mail archive of the MFG,
which has been converted to HTML by piping it throgh to the "mhonarc"
converter.  A side-effect of this is that all e-mail addresses are
marked-up as active hyperlinks.  If you're worried about attracting
spam mail this way, I could try to exclude the mail subdirectories
from search engines in the robots.txt file.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S. Before you ask: The link to the lastest bigdoc.ps.gz is broken
since I didn't have time yet to install an update for the latest
version after fixing the macro problems with the font charts.