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Re: Mathematica font problems

Ulrik Vieth:

> Could it be that the code downloaded with the Mathematica fonts
> somehow erased the /TeXDict definition, and if so whose fault is that?
> I never had such a problem with other download fonts, nor with the
> previous version of the Mathematica fonts shipped with Mma 3.0.

Thierry Bouche:

> well, wolfram say that these fonts allow to lpr them so that they be
> resident in the printer memory. (and that they should be used this
> way.) So my opinion is that there is a small PS programm doing things
> to the system dictionnary of the printer within the fonts. If removed,
> they should embeddable again.

I guess I found the guilty part by comparing the old and new versions
of the Mma fonts.  Each fonts now starts with a header that looks like

  %!PS-AdobeFont-1.0: Math1 001.000
! %%CreationDate: 1/31/97 at 11:59 AM
! %%VMusage: 1024 32924
+ 0 serverdict begin exitserver
  FontDirectory/Math1 known{/Math1 findfont dup ...

I guess it must be the line

  0 serverdict begin exitserver

that erases whatever else has been defined in "tex.pro" before sending
the embedded fonts.  Somehow this must have a different effect under
GhostScript than on a real printer.  Hope this explains it (sort of).

Cheers, Ulrik.