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Mathematica font problems

Sorry, this a slightly off-topic question, but perhaps there's someone
who knows more about the internals of PostScript fonts.

The problem: I was trying to print some testfont tables involving the
latest version of the Mathematica symbol fonts (downloaded from the
URL posted last week) and ran into trouble with the PS interpreter.

dvipsk 5.58f (from teTeX-0.4) produced output that looked like:

%%Creator: dvipsk 5.58f Copyright 1986, 1994 Radical Eye Software
%%Title: testfont.dvi
%%Pages: 4
%%PageOrder: Ascend
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 596 842
%%DocumentFonts: Math1 Math2 Math3 Times-Roman Math4 Times-Italic Math5
%%DocumentPaperSizes: A4
%%BeginProcSet: tex.pro
/TeXDict 250 dict def TeXDict begin ...
%%BeginFont: Math1
%%BeginFont: Math2
%%BeginFont: Math3
%%BeginFont: Times-Roman
%%BeginFont: Math4
%%BeginFont: Math5
%%BeginProcSet: texps.pro
TeXDict begin ...
%%BeginProcSet: special.pro
TeXDict begin ...
%%Feature: *Resolution 600dpi
%%PaperSize: A4

On the screen preview with GhostScript and GV everything looked fine.
When trying to print this on a LaserJet 5, however, I got a PostScript
error message to the extent that "TeXDict" was suddenly undefined.  
I eventually edited the file manually and moved the "tex.pro" ProcSet
block after the dowloaded fonts and everything printed fine.

Could it be that the code downloaded with the Mathematica fonts
somehow erased the /TeXDict definition, and if so whose fault is that?
I never had such a problem with other download fonts, nor with the
previous version of the Mathematica fonts shipped with Mma 3.0.

Strange, isn't it?

Cheers, Ulrik.