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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

Having printed the mma symbol fonts, I have the following remarks:

a) On integrals:

The mma fonts contain a class of integrals and other big operators larger 
than \displaystyle. For a moment I played with the thought of an e-TeX
proposal \bigdisplaystyle (appropriate, if there is a displaystyle fraction 
in the ``argument'' of a big operator) but discarded it soon. The reason 
for discarding the thought was, that the argument of a big operator cannot
be detected automatically.

Maybe setting up the integrals as delimiters can make the largest size 
available ... I will have to think further about this approach.

b) On bullet-like symbols

There are three sizes of bullet-like symbols (squares, circles) in the mma
fonts. IMHO a good choice, the smallest being appropriate as binary 
operators, the largest as miscellanous symbols.

c) A special symbol:

The is a ``mouth'' like symbol near \approx in the mma fonts, consisting of
smallfrown over smallsmile. What is it used for?

d) \de, \ee, \ie

There are special symbols for the d in differentials, the base of the 
natural logarithm and the square root of -1. However, Wolfram's designs are 
just plain ugly and not supported anywhere else (mathroman type being the 
design of choice).

e) Other

I found the capital Epsilon (like african open E) also in the mma 
fonts. Worth considering for the encoding, I think.

--J"org Knappen