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Mathematica symbol fonts (mmaptm)

As mentioned some time ago, I have been working on a mathptm-like
implementation of the old math font encodings based on Times Roman
combined with the Mathematica 3.0 symbol fonts.

I've put up the whole thing (which I've called mmaptm) at 


It includes the necessary fontinst stuff and the resulting TFM, PL,
and VF files, but not the AFM or PFA files which are presumably
subject to the Mathematica 3.0 license.  (The AFM files any good
anyway.)  Font tables and test files are provided only as DVI files,
which will require the MMA fonts for previewing and printing.
(This is just a precaution since I don't want to get myself into
trouble for illegaly distributing PS files containing the fonts.)

I am making this available in the hope that some of you might have
these fonts and might thus be able to test them.  However, I am
skeptical whether this would be suitable for CTAN as it is due to
uncertainties about what you may or may not do with the MMA fonts
under the MMA license.

What may be of particular interest: 

* mmaptm/etx contains .etx files for the MMA fonts (Math[1-5].etx) 
as well as modified versions of lasy.etx, msam.etx, msbm.etx using 
glyph names mostly consistent with the BlueSky AMS Type1 fonts.  

I am working on a patch to update the new encodings to use these
symbol names as well.  I hope there won't be too many name conflicts
to resolve between BlueSky CM/AMS vs. Adobe Symbol vs. Mathematica
vs. Lucida.  (Alan's OMS.etx and OMS.etx in the fontinst distribution
are based on Lucida names, which were different in a few cases.)

* mmaptm/mtx contains .mtx files to install the MMA fonts inclduing
some really ugly hackery to adjust the character metrics for the
radicals and extensible delimiters in Math2.  (Berthold was right 
in his earlier comments about the poor quality of these fonts.)

* mmaptm/fontname and mmaptm/dvips contain the font mapping tables.  I
have already registered the supplier letter `w' (= Wolfram Research)
and the font names `wpi00[1-5]' for Math[1-5] with Karl Berry as 
the fontname maintainer.  The resulting virtual fonts are called
then `zwpi{7t,7m,7y,7v}' although some of them should actually be
called `zwpiptm' or `zptmwpi' if it weren't for the 8+3 name length.

Hoping for your commens and feedback.

Cheers, Ulrik.