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Re: MF hackery (arrow kit)

Michael John Downes writes:

 > For consistency with all the other \DeclareMathXxx commands, the name
 > should probably be \DeclareMathCompound as you suggest, instead of what
 > I named it. I'll add that change to my to-do list for flexisym.sty.
 > (\DeclareMathComposite doesn't seem like a good idea, in case anyone
 > wonders about it; this function is not a math parallel of the existing
 > \DeclareTextComposite command.)

it should certainly not be MathComposite as it is clearly not a math
parallel but rather the math opposite of \DeclareTextComposite.

but i wonder if Compound gives the right clue? essentially what we
want to say is "here is a symbol which is unfortunately internally
being made of bits and pieces"

so it is still a symbol and the fact that it is made this way is just
technical. therefore i would think \DeclareMath...Symbol would be imho
a better choice. now what to put in ... i don't quite know.

\DeclareMathConstructedSymbol   ??? 

would be quite a mouth full but perhaps you have a better idea