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Re: MF hackery (arrow kit)

> PPS Now that Michael Downes announced the alpha version of `breqn.sty'
> should we try to make `newmath.sty' compatible with it ? From my
> short look at breqn.sty, I think we would just need to provide
> a command \DeclareMathCompound and use it for everything that is 
> not a simple \mathchardef. 

I don't think that part is urgent, it could wait a few months. I put
\DeclareCompoundMathSymbol into flexisym.sty quite a while ago because I
thought it would be needed, but never since then went back to it, and
the breqn package doesn't currently do anything with symbols that are
declared this way. In principle it should, however, so that mathrel or
mathbin symbols defined with \DeclareCompoundMathSymbol will have the
same line-breaking properties as the other ones.

For consistency with all the other \DeclareMathXxx commands, the name
should probably be \DeclareMathCompound as you suggest, instead of what
I named it. I'll add that change to my to-do list for flexisym.sty.
(\DeclareMathComposite doesn't seem like a good idea, in case anyone
wonders about it; this function is not a math parallel of the existing
\DeclareTextComposite command.)

Michael Downes, mjd@ams.org