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Problem with XTA

I have traced the problem with XTA which I mentioned yesterday
(no glyphs from psyro being picked up) to the way fontinst handles
afm and pl files. If an afm file is found, the pl and etx files are
never looked at, thus the glyph names cannot be overridden. Since
there is psyr.afm in the tetex tree, there is no way to change eg
the psyr `alpha' in `alphaupright'. For now I changed the behaviour
of fontinst in my wrapper emfninst to prefer the pl+etx file over the afm 
file. This solves the problem for now. A better fix might be to use
the etx information also when converting afm files to mtx file, but
that would require more fontinst hacking than I was willing to invest.

Regards, Matthias