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Re: dist 0.54

> i have a pb with xccmi* being non existant if i try make all
> there is only xcc0500.{tfm,vf} in the tgz.

xccmi* is part of the concmath fonts distribution which is to be found
on CTAN in fonts/concmath or latex/macros/contrib/supported/concmath.

xcc* is the concrete version of MSP in the virtual font implementation
of the new encodings.  (I agree that this name collosion is unfortunate.)

It probably remains to be seen in how far it makes any sense to have
Concrete versions of the geometric symbols at all, since they will be
mostly the same as the CM versions anyway.  Consult the documentation
of the `concmath' LaTeX package for more information as to why it was
necessary to have Concrete version of the symbol fonts at all.

Hope this helps.
Cheers, Ulrik.