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Re: mfnt_054 font problems?

> After reviewing the TFM files, I get the impression that it can't be
> the `maspfrom' character since the dimensions are the same as `mapsto'
> in cmsy (zero width, but non-zero height and depth).  So could it be
> the digit-width space (non-zero width, but zero height and depth)?
> Maybe the digit-space should get the appropriate height (fig_height)?

Sounds definitively like a problem with the digit-space. I'll give it
fig_height. Is this only a problem for dvips ? I don't remember seeing
any error message from xdvi. Isn't

charwd:=9u#; charht:=0; chardp:=0; charic:=0;
charcode:=slot_digitspace; shipout nullpicture;

a legal way to create an empty glyph with nonzero width ?

Regards, Matthias