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Version 0.54

I have done it again. Version 0.54 has appeared at 


This time, I have also tried to produce a gzipped patch, which can be found
at the same location under the name 053_054.gz. This is the first time I have
done this, but I really hope that it works, ie.

cat mfnt0_54.tgz | gunzip - | tar xf -

should be equivalent to 

cat mfnt0_53.tgz | gunzip - | tar xf -
cat 053_054.gz | gunzip - | patch
make all

If you take the second route, you might prefer not to use `make all', since
this behaves really more like a `make dist' -  it deletes all the pk files
which you will need later on. To avoid this, use

make vffonts styles doc docdirs 

This will leave about 15MB of vpl, gf, log and other unnecessary files lying

The major changes in 0.54 are:

- reshuffling of the encodings (again) for better font tables and for freeing
  slots 0--31 and 127 as far as possible.
- skewchar has moved (again) to slot 127, slot 32 is now a digit-space as
  proposed by MJ Downes.
- major rework of newmath.sty: It is now a dtx-file producing
    fontmath.cfg - containing the new base setup and can be used
                   to produce a format with the new setup
    newmath.sty  - containing the various options for the new setup.
                   Works regardless of the math setup built in the format.
    oldmath.sty  - Reverts to the old math setup, if the format has the
                   new setup built in.
    *.mfd        - These files implement the layout-changing options.

Regards, Matthias