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Re: about EuroTeX (again)

Thanks a lot for the abstract, Ulrik. I think it is very good and doesn't need
any additions. As to the outline of the paper: 

>   \item Introduction / Motivation / Timeline

I would appreciate proposals for this part.

>   \item Review of the old math font encodings

What exactly should go here ? I would think of a table
showing what glyph groups come from what fonts, where
the text fonts come into play, etc. Plus a list of
the major disadvantages of the old encodings (this could
be taken from Justins paper).

>   \item Outline of the new math font encodings
>   \item Design goals and order of priorities

This could perhaps be lifted more or less directly
from Justins paper ?

>   \item Details on the indvidual font tables

>   \item Discussion and open questions

There is a list of pros and cons in Justins paper. Is this
the kind of stuff you expect here ?

>   \item Appendix: Snapshot of the font tables

No problem.

Regards, Matthias