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Re: defining the script sizes via font dimens

Frank Mittelbach wrote:
> after all there is one conceptional
> problem: while those values are somehow related to font families or
> say set of fonts they are not really depending on a single font. true,
> that's the way Don implemented all his parameters for math, but then
> one has to recall that originally he was implementing just one set for
> one size and this generalization wasn't in his mind. so it seems to me
> a bit questional whether or not we should tie them to each
> font. therefore tying them to the set of font (via an initialization
> file, for example) seems to me logically the better approach even if
> that has disadvantages of its own (like the need for such an extra
> file).

This is what I want to do: Associate the values of script and scriptscript
size and math spacing with the `math layout' which is the term which I use
for the `set of fonts'. Do we have to make the somewhat vague concept more
concrete by something like \DeclareMathLayout ? This would solve the problem
of assigning (file-)names to the tentative mfd-files in a way that would
enable me to say \InputIfFileExists{<derived-filename>.mfd}{...}{...} 
in the code for the corresponding package option. For a first try, using
the option name might be good enough, ie

\usepackage[euler]{newmath} tries to load euler.mfd
\usepackage[mathptm]{newmath} tries to load mathptm.mfd
\usepackage[concrete]{newmath} tries to load concrete.mfd


Is there any other math-layout-related information which we should
put in there ?

Regards, Matthias