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Mathematica symbols

During the last few days, I've been further investigating the
Mathematica symbols fonts and I've been working on a mathptm-like
implementation of the old math font encodings to get a better view
of what is actually available for use in the new font encodings.

While reading the section about "Mathematical and Other Notation"
in the Mathematica 3.0 online manual, I've noticed a couple of
interesting points:

* Mathematica has different symbols for `Cross' and `Times'.
  Both look like a cross, but one of them is a little smaller 
  and is assigned a different function.  TeX doesn't make 
  this distinction and reserves only one slot for `\times'.
  Do we need another one?

* Mathematica has different symbols for `And' and `Wedge' and 
  for `Or' and `Vee'.  The `Wedge' and `Vee' symbols are a little 
  smaller than `And' and `Or' and don't have a predefined meaning 
  as a function (only a syntactic meaning as a binary operator).
  Again, TeX treats both as the same and just assigns different 
  names to the same symbol.  Do we need two more slots?

* Mathematica has three different sets of single and double
  vertical bars, for use as left or right delimiters or as vertical 
  separator in between symbols.  The extension font Math2 contains
  3 sets of 4 sizes each, but they all share the same extension 
  module.  I guess we can avoid this case in TeX since the symbols 
  all look the same and the spacing could be handled by different 
  methods, or am I missing something?


Cheers, Ulrik.