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Re: defining the script sizes via font dimens

Matthias Clasen writes:

 > > btw from which font do you get this information? or do you intend to
 > > maintain different values for each font family?
 > I get the information from \textfont1 (=letters=MSP). One question on
 > that: What is the preferred way to use the symbolic name `letters' instead
 > of the hardwired `1' ? Can I write \textfont\letters or something similar ?

hmm, \symletters i think is the qualifier that is set up. (isn't that
documented somewhere? :-) probably in fntguide have to check --- no
its not documented there. so it should be \textfont\symletters

 > Do you think that the setting of math spacing should also be preamble-only ?

what setting of what mathspacing?