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Re: eurotex'98

Matthias writes:

> I think I have already stated my answers:
> (1) No
> (2) Willing to come, but perhaps not able due to lack of time (expecting 
>     my first child to be born at the end of april) and money   
> (3) Yes, if (2) 

can't do anything about time, of course, but i'm sure we can do
something about the money.  i'm going to propose a *big* UK TUG
contribution to the funds, and if you were able to come, we could make
you an invited speaker.

I think this stuff is *important*.  We already have a paper from
Yannis H about the Omega extension of yhmath (at least, that's what it
sounds like from his abstract) so we ought to manage a pretty neat

> (4) Behind-the-scenes work definitively yes. In fact, I prepared 
>     bigdoc.tex as a step towards such a paper.


That blooming logimac.mathematik.uni-freiburg.de has gone to sleep:
couldn't get into it last night, either.

(Chair, UKTUG, on ET'98 programme committee)