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Re: eurotex'98

> just to remind you that we've hit the deadline for abstract
> submissions... see http://www.irisa.fr/wept98/et98.html#eng

So what do you propose to do?  I suppose it's time for a quick survey
to answer the following questions, before we can decide how to react:

(1) Who is definitely coming to EuroTeX?

(2) Who is considering to come provided that whatever conditions 
    are satisfied?  (e.g. willing to come, but perhaps not able
    due to lack of time, money, etc.)

(3) Who of the potential conference attendents are interested to 
    participate in a discussion / panel session on math fonts?

(4) Who of the potential conference attendents are willing to
    actively participate in a group presentation or willing to 
    contribute to the behinds-the-scenes work such as preparing 
    a paper for the proceedings or slides for the presentation? 

As a general comment, I think that scheduling a math fonts sessions
will only make sense if there will be sufficient participation,
especially from key developers, the LaTeX3 team, font houses, etc.

If it turns out that there is indeed a good chace for this, what
remains to be done is the following:

 - someone has to write up an abstract, perhaps deliberately kept 
   vague as to what exactly will actually be presented and who is 
   going to do the presentation, e.g.

   title="Towards a new math font encoding for (La)TeX"
   author"Math Font Working Group, presented by <to be determined>"

 - someone has to sketch an outline of a paper for the proceedings,
   the details of which and the actual font table layout will have 
   to be finalized relatively late by time the final paper is due.
   (Perhaps the introduction to Matthias's bigdoc.tex combined with
   material from Justin's report sumamrizing the design goals and
   outlining the new encoding might be a good start for that.)

 - someone eventually has to prepare a talk to present the status
   of whatever we'll have achieved by the time of the conference.

 - someone eventually has to be present at the conference to give
   the presentation.  (For most presentations all these points
   are usually handled by the same presenting author, but in 
   a group presentation it may be possible to divide the work,
   if a single author is to busy to do everything himself.)

As for my part, I have already mentioned some time back that I was
considering to come, although I'm not yet sure whether I can really
afford it, especially considering the time.  If I can participate,
however, I'm definitely willing to take an active role in the math
fonts session, although it would be pointless to do so all alone,
without the participation of others.

So what do you think?  Shall we try to go for it or not?