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defining the script sizes via font dimens

Matthias Clasen writes:

 > I know that fontdimensions are not good for constants, but the
 > script and scriptscript size are supposed to be scaled with the
 > text size, aren't they? To use this information from within TeX,
 > one would first load the text font in the desired size, then get
 > the script and scriptscript size from the fontdimensions.

they script sizes scale to a certain extend but they don't scale
linearily. so i doubt that this is of much value especially since NFSS
does support the declaration of such sizes explicitly and if not
declared already uses a fallback procedure that essentially calculates
those values.

For serious book production i think you need to be able to set these
values explicitly depending on the leading and the body fontsize you
use etc. thus adding another interface that gives you defaults (on a
good day) doesn't seem to me worth the effort.