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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

Thierry Bouche:

> PS there are no differences between bakoma & bsr names. it is true
> that the names are coherent. i remembered some incoherences on harpoon
> names or hook arrows between the fontinst names, indeed, not between
> font sets. the y&y arrowhookleft is called hookrightchar in oml.etx,
> also arrowlefttophal is called harpoonleftup. One could dream of a
> setup with normalized names for usual glyphs _and_ normalized
> corresponding TeX macros like \matharrowlefttophal (which is currently
> \leftharpoonup: yet another name!)

I suppose it might be a good idea to revise the OML/OMS/MSAM/MSBM.etx
files so that the symbol names match those in the .afm files, except
perhaps in cases where there is a good reason for the discrepencies, 
such as for `Upsilon' vs. `Upsilon1' or `A' vs. `Acal' vs. `Abbb'.

As for the TeX control sequences, the need for backwards compatibility
obviously mandates keeping whatever we already have.  However, there's
nothing to stop you from introducing additional alias names, provided
your TeX is big enough that you won't run out of the hash table entries.

Cheers, Ulrik.