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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

Concernant « Re: Mathematica symbol fonts », Y&Y, Inc. écrit :
 > >Does the unicode glyph registry help?
 > I don't think so.  One reason is that is it *not* a glyph registry,
 > but a *character* registry.  Another its that UNICODE does

sure, i was referencing to some iso standard with same id as unicode,
but offset by 10, which is a 32 bit registry of _glyphs_. Maybe is it
called AFII?

i suppose MathML relies more or less on that one fo math entities?

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr

PS there are no differences between bakoma & bsr names. it is true
that the names are coherent. i remembered some incoherences on harpoon
names or hook arrows between the fontinst names, indeed, not between
font sets. the y&y arrowhookleft is called hookrightchar in oml.etx,
also arrowlefttophal is called harpoonleftup. One could dream of a
setup with normalized names for usual glyphs _and_ normalized
corresponding TeX macros like \matharrowlefttophal (which is currently
\leftharpoonup: yet another name!)