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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

>If you look through the mail archives, you may find that it was
>discussed to death back in 1993 that you cannot communicate such
>constants as the script and scripscript sizes through fontdimens, 
>because the fontdimens get scaled along with the fonts.  
>Another point is that the math symbol and extension fonts already 
>have 22 or 13 fontdimens with a fixed meaning, so if you try to
>encode the math spacing in, say, fontdimen 23, TeX may incorrectly 
>assume that there are valid values for the first 22 fontdimens,
>even if those weren't set.  I'll have to see the actual code, 
>I guess.

I know that fontdimensions are not good for constants, but the
script and scriptscript size are supposed to be scaled with the
text size, aren't they? To use this information from within TeX,
one would first load the text font in the desired size, then get
the script and scriptscript size from the fontdimensions.

The MC and MX1 encoded fonts have the 22/13 fontdimensions which
are described in appendix G. I first tried to put the new fontdimensions
in MC, but I ended up with a total of 35 and vptovf can (without 
enlargement) grok only up to 30. So I put the new fontdimensions
in positions 8-20 of MSP. This means that family 1 (letters=MSP)
accquires a special significance similar to families 2 and 3 
(LaTeX assumes that it has at least 20 fontdimensions).