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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

At 09:32 AM 97/10/17 +0200, Thierry Bouche wrote:

>When working on MathPi, I found that it was better to first edit the
>AFM file to give proper names to the glyhs than hacking once
>more the fontinst-encoding... 

>However, is there any standard for the glyph names that will end up in
>M* encodings? I'm not even sure that the various type 1 versions of
>CM, lucida or symbol agree. 

There is no standard for glyph names in the case of math symbols.
The standardization to the extent it exists is due to the fact that the
fonts come from the same source or were copied from existing fonts. 
 Reasonable names were invented for Adobe Lucida Math by 
Bigelow & Holmes (referring to Symbol where possible), these were  
then used by BSR and Y&Y in CM,  then Y&Y used those in Lucida 
New Math (adding a large number of new names), then in MathTime.

>Does the unicode glyph registry help?

I don't think so.  One reason is that is it *not* a glyph registry, 
but a *character* registry.  Another its that UNICODE does
not have very good coverage.  AFII numbers are an alternative
since AFII *is* a glyph registry.  Some fonts use AFII numbers
(32 bit), particularly Cyrillic fonts.

>Where do the fontinst names for OM* encodings?

Regards, Berthold.

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