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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

> When working on MathPi, I found that it was better to first edit the
> AFM file to give proper names to the glyhs than hacking once
> more the fontinst-encoding...

> However, is there any standard for the glyph names that will end up in
> M* encodings? I'm not even sure that the various type 1 versions of
> CM, lucida or symbol agree. Does the unicode glyph registry help?

This is good question indeed.  While I was working on the .etx files
for the Mathematica fonts, I noticed that names currently in use in
the preliminary test implementations are already very inconsistent.
It appears that OML.etx, OMS.etx from fontinst are trying to use
standard names for the symbols available in Adobe Symbol, but this is
not necessarily the case for MSAM.etx, MSBM.etx and the new encodings.

As for CM and AMS:  Do the BaKoMa and the BlueSky symbol names agree?

Cheers, Ulrik.