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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

Concernant « Re: Mathematica symbol fonts », Y&Y, Inc. écrit :
 > >I have started experimenting with these fonts, but it takes time
 > >to write suitable .etx files.  Since the AFM files do not tell
 > >the symbol names, they are unfortunately not usuable directly.
 > Isn' that annoying!  Of course the versions that Y&Y made for them
 > did have mnemonic symbol names in them :-)

When working on MathPi, I found that it was better to first edit the
AFM file to give proper names to the glyhs than hacking once
more the fontinst-encoding...

However, is there any standard for the glyph names that will end up in
M* encodings? I'm not even sure that the various type 1 versions of
CM, lucida or symbol agree. Does the unicode glyph registry help?

Where do the fontinst names for OM* encodings?
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