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Rounding problems

Hi, due to local mail problems I have probably lost 
most of yesterdays messages and still don't know if my
announcement for version 0.53 made it to the list.

If it has, let me correct it: The use of nonstandard font sizes
in testnormal.dvi has nothing to do with rounding errors, it was
just a line in testnormal.tex explicitly requesting these sizes
which I forgot to take out. 

But there *are* rounding problems with font sizes stored in font dimensions,
as the following example shows:

I have a vpl saying


and giving a fontdimension the value 7.0. Going from vpl to vf and back
reproduces the value 7.0, but TeX thinks the value of the font dimension
is 6.99998. This might be caused by different internal representations
for dimensions in vptovf/vftovp and tex. It is problematic, since the 
7.0 is interpreted as the script size and NFSS tries to load the fonts
at 6.99998 pt. Perhaps manually rounding the fontdimensions to 2 digits 
will make the problem go away.

Regards, Matthias