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mathfont 0.53

I'm not sure if my mail from this morning came through, so I say it again:

I have put another version at


This was put together in a hurry, so there may be some glitches. One major 
glitch, which I discovered too late, is that the dvi files use fonts in 
slightly nonstandard resolutions, ie cmsy10.363pk instead of cmsy10.360pk.
I think this is due to rounding errors introduced when fontinst writes

The major new additions are:

- concrete and mathptm versions (due to Ulrik Vieth)
- monolithic documentation in bigdoc.dvi
- new fontdimensions for script and scriptscript sizes and 
 for math spacing together with macros to use them. This is the part
 that causes the rounding errors mentioned above. It would be good if
 someone with better NFSS knowledge would have a look at that code.

Expecting your comments and corrections,