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Mathematica Symbol Font

Hi David,

over the weekend, I've continued my work on the Mathematica Symbol
fonts.  As a first step towards making them useable with TeX, 
I've tried a `mathptm'-like implementation of the old encodings.

You can find it at 


I hesitate to announce it on math-fonts mailing list since the legal
issues about the distribution of symbol tables containing the fonts 
is unclear.  But since, you've got the fonts already, it shouldn't
be a problem for you.

At present the situation looks like this:

OML:  `tie' missing (but irrelevant to math)

      `vector' faked using arrow from Math1, since the ready-made
       accent from Math2 lies on the baseline, not in raised position

OMS:  `circleslash' and `circlecopyrt' missing
       floor and ceiling faked using the `big' sizes from Math2,
       while taking the extensible bracket pieces from Math1 would
       give the wrong kind of symbol

OMX:   circled bigops faked using scaled versions from Math1

       extensible vertical arrows faked using pieces from Math1

       extensible over/underbraces missing, since the pieces
       in Math4 are somewhat different

If you'd like to give it a try, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Cheers, Ulrik.