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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

> The MMa representative I spoke to said it sounded perfectly reasonable
> to want to distribute documents written using those fonts. But then he
> sounded surprised when I said most commercial fonts did not allow such
> useage, so I gave up at the time, not knowing how to find someone who
> could give an official answer.

I have no idea either.  Our admin installed Mathematical 3.0 some
months back, and since I'm using it only rarely, I didn't even know
that it came with its own fonts until a few days ago.

As for the licensing, it is probably not perfectly legal to carry
the fonts home, even if you have a licensed installation at work,
but if I did so, that was of course for testing purposes only ;-)

> Still it would be nice if those fonts could be made ueable, available
> in bold and normal weight. (Some of the glyphs looked a bit odd though:-)
> and I gave up thought of forcing them through fontinst once I saw they
> use standed encoding symbol names.

Yes, it would be interesting indeed, although've they made it more
difficult than it needed to be.  Once, you've got an .etx file
written manually, you could still work from afm -> tfm -> pl and
reencode the stuff into OML/OMS/OMX or whatever encoding you prefer.  
I have no idea yet, as to how to good or bad these fonts would turn
out for actual typesetting with TeX. 

Cheers, Ulrik.