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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

I tried asking what the distribution conditions of those fonts were
when MMa3 came out. Especially since Wolfram gave away millions of the
copies of the things on the demo CD which times out the kernel at the
end of last year, but keeps the mathmatica reader (and hence fonts)
useable (this is where I got mine from).

The MMa representative I spoke to said it sounded perfectly reasonable
to want to distribute documents written using those fonts. But then he
sounded surprised when I said most commercial fonts did not allow such
useage, so I gave up at the time, not knowing how to find someone who
could give an official answer.

[Not cc'ed to the list as I don't want to accuse wolfarm publicly of
implying anything they did not imply or mean to imply]

Still it would be nice if those fonts could be made ueable, available
in bold and normal weight. (Some of the glyphs looked a bit odd though:-)
and I gave up thought of forcing them through fontinst once I saw they
use standed encoding symbol names.