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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

>> I have started experimenting with these fonts, but it takes time
>> to write suitable .etx files.  Since the AFM files do not tell
>> the symbol names, they are unfortunately not usuable directly.

> Isn' that annoying!  Of course the versions that Y&Y made for them
> did have mnemonic symbol names in them :-)

Well, perhaps it's simply because Mathematica has their own format 
of character encoding tables in some auxiliary files.  I've had a look 
at these files first, but then I've noticed that there seem to be some
discrepancies between these encoding tables and the actual font layout.
So far, I've simply used afm2tfm, so that I could run "tex testfont"
and work with the printout of the font tables.

Cheers, Ulrik.