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Re: Mathematica symbol fonts

At 03:20 PM 97/10/16 +0200, Ulrik Vieth wrote:

>All five Mathematica fonts have the following layout:

>  slots 0--31: empty (usually)
>  slot 32:     space
>  slot 127:    empty (ASCII DEL)
>  slot 202:    non-breaking space (I have no idea, why this slot.)

That is where nbspace lives in Macintosh encoding...

>The AFM files use the symbol names from the Adobe Standard Encoding, 
>not the true symbol names (quite unlike the AFM of Adobe Symbol).

A sign of inferior workmanship using inferior tools such as Fontographer
(and it is not ASE, by the way, but Fontographers proprietay mishmash
which if I recollect is close to Macintosh standard roman encoding).

Y&Y worked on earlier version of this font set, which was revised
several times.  There was discussion of making a TeX compatible
version. However, the latest alpha test version (which is what you have)
has not been through the professional hinting process as a result of
some decision at Wolfram that this is not required or that they could
not afford it or that they could not wait.

>I have started experimenting with these fonts, but it takes time
>to write suitable .etx files.  Since the AFM files do not tell
>the symbol names, they are unfortunately not usuable directly.

Isn' that annoying!  Of course the versions that Y&Y made for them
did have mnemonic symbol names in them :-)

Regards, Berthold.

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