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Re: more on a Times/Symbol implementation of MC/MSP

> I think we'll sooner or later have to reconsider the contents of MSP.
> As for the exoctic glyphs in MC, I'd propose to take them out and put
> them ``on hold'' until it is clarified who really needs them and why.
> (BTW, what are the chances of rearranging MS1/MS2 so that the slots
> 0-31 remain empty except for dotless i/j and perhaps math accents.)

In my current sources, Dal, Vbar and Vbarslanted are already in MS1.
Rearranging MS1/MS2 in the way you propose should be possible, since
they have many free slots; I'll give it a try. 

> AFAIK, Unicode has slots for double and triple prime and backprime.
> I'm not sure if the original idea was to reserve slots for those and
> access them through ligatures if a font provides them.  Since most
> of the existing fonts do not provide them, I wonder if it is really
> such a good idea to waste valuable slots this way.

OK, so it will be enough to have a small number of free slots in MC
which could then be filled with these ligatures if an implementation
has them; no need to explicitly reserve these slots.

> I'm not really sure of that myself.  Perhaps it would be better to
> stick with what you have until we have further investigated other
> alternatives for upright greek.  I remember that I brought up the
> suggestion of using the greek/kelly fonts, which also were derived
> from upright CM and some hackery.  Perhaps I shold compare that
> approach and my work to distill whatever works best of both. 

OK, so I'll wait for the results of your comparison (or do an experiment
with kelly on my own; but I doubt that I will have the time soon).

Regards, Matthias