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Math Time / Lucida / MathPi implementation of math encoding

Concernant « Math Time / Lucida / MathPi implementation of math encoding », Frank Mittelbach écrit :
 > Ulrik Vieth writes:
 >  >
 >  > > did someone try to implement these encodings with Mathematical Pi or
 >  > > Lucida (the 2 rather complete math glyph conatiners i know)?
 >  >
 >  > Sorry, but I'm afraid the answer is plain and simply, because none
 >  > of the current activist have access to those, so we're stuck with
 >  > whatever is freely avaiably to everyone who has a PostScript printer,
 >  > consisting of
 >  >
 >  > [...]
 >  > As for MathTime, MathPi, or Lucida, you're welcome to try it out
 >  > yourself, if you're in a lucky position to have access to those.
 > a while back GUTenberg was looking for proposals to support worthwhile
 > projects and I suggested to finish off the work that Justin (also
 > supported by GUTenberg). I think in some sense that triggered the
 > current effort although so far there is no financial support by
 > GUTenberg for Matthias or Ulrik, or is there?

i do have the 3 sets, the 2 sold by y&y have been given to me by
Berthold in order to prepare the translation of my `mathfonts hacked'
paper  in TUGboat. The other one is a clone but it's enough for
testing purposes, especially as long as you use the genuine AFMs.

i believe that MathTime is more restrictive than MathPi and not very
well designed, that's why i omitted it.

the next problem is that you can't publish font charts with y&y fonts,
as it would be the same as giving them away. You could however publish
bitmapped PS (i do it for my MinionMM papers for instance).

 > a small kind of support could be to buy both activists those fonts which
 > isn't a very large investment and would certainly be helpful! But i
 > would still argue for further financial support for their work, for
 > example by sponsoring participation at EuroTeX meeting?
 > If this is not possible I think we could sponsor at least one set of
 > those fonts from the LaTeX3 project as i would definitely like to see
 > a suitable range of implementations for the encodings.  Perhaps
 > Berthold Horn who sells all three font sets would contribute a set as
 > well?
 > In my opinion this is one of the major strength of the whole work by
 > Justin and now Matthias and Ulrik that we do get for the first time a
 > set of encodings and their implementation for several math fonts where
 > we can in fact switch between a number of math font families without
 > *any* change in the document (other than loading a package in the
 > preamble so really plug an' play without nasty surprises).

yes. of course. we're all waiting nervously for this.

 > The free font sets eg
 >   - Computer Modern
 >     (cmr/cmmi/cmsy/cmex/msam/msbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)
 >   - Concrete versions of the above
 >     (ccr/xccmi/xccsy/xccex/xccam/xccbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)
 >   - AMS Euler (eurm/eusm/euex + reamining symbols from CM/AMS)
 >   - Times Roman/Adobe Symbol/Zapf Chancery (still incomplete)

there's no chance to complete it ever without any significative
complements (MathPi indeed)

 > are very important for the majority but getting the three really good
 > commercial math fonts in as well would be the dot on the i.
 > I'm really looking forward to be able to select my text typeface with
 > ease and add a matching math font with a snap of my fingers
 > So i do hope that GUTenberg can sponsor this
 > frank

There is a vague project by GUT to sponsor the creation of a complete
set of type 1 fonts using state of the art encodings (and filling in
the holes) [T1,TS1,Mxx] with a new design (or some revival, but not
CM). It would be very nice to achieve this by synthetising all
energies. The main problem remaining is: who has designing
capabilities [at an affordable price!] especially for the maths glyphs.

   Thierry Bouche.       -----       thierry.bouche@ujf-grenoble.fr
(speaking in my own name, not for GUT which hasn't discussed much
about this lately)