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Math Time / Lucida / MathPi implementation of math encoding

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > > did someone try to implement these encodings with Mathematical Pi or
 > > Lucida (the 2 rather complete math glyph conatiners i know)?
 > Sorry, but I'm afraid the answer is plain and simply, because none 
 > of the current activist have access to those, so we're stuck with
 > whatever is freely avaiably to everyone who has a PostScript printer, 
 > consisting of
 > [...]

 > As for MathTime, MathPi, or Lucida, you're welcome to try it out
 > yourself, if you're in a lucky position to have access to those.

a while back GUTenberg was looking for proposals to support worthwhile
projects and I suggested to finish off the work that Justin (also
supported by GUTenberg). I think in some sense that triggered the
current effort although so far there is no financial support by
GUTenberg for Matthias or Ulrik, or is there?

a small kind of support could be to buy both activists those fonts which
isn't a very large investment and would certainly be helpful! But i
would still argue for further financial support for their work, for
example by sponsoring participation at EuroTeX meeting?

If this is not possible I think we could sponsor at least one set of
those fonts from the LaTeX3 project as i would definitely like to see
a suitable range of implementations for the encodings.  Perhaps
Berthold Horn who sells all three font sets would contribute a set as

In my opinion this is one of the major strength of the whole work by
Justin and now Matthias and Ulrik that we do get for the first time a
set of encodings and their implementation for several math fonts where
we can in fact switch between a number of math font families without
*any* change in the document (other than loading a package in the
preamble so really plug an' play without nasty surprises).

The free font sets eg

  - Computer Modern 
    (cmr/cmmi/cmsy/cmex/msam/msbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)

  - Concrete versions of the above 
    (ccr/xccmi/xccsy/xccex/xccam/xccbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)

  - AMS Euler (eurm/eusm/euex + reamining symbols from CM/AMS)

  - Times Roman/Adobe Symbol/Zapf Chancery (still incomplete)

are very important for the majority but getting the three really good
commercial math fonts in as well would be the dot on the i.

I'm really looking forward to be able to select my text typeface with
ease and add a matching math font with a snap of my fingers

So i do hope that GUTenberg can sponsor this