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Re: more on a Times/Symbol implementation of MC/MSP

Thanks for the new material, Ulrik. So far,I have not looked at the Postscript 
implementation at all (I guess that I will do that when I find time to look
at mathfonts again); but I have integrated your concrete version. I'll try
to produce a new snapshot as soon as possible.

IIRC, you asked about the prime and backprime in MC some time ago. If have
looked at Justins paper and found them in the group `core symbols for design 
similarity reasons', so I guess thats the only reason for them being there
(it can't be kerning). But I would vote for keeping them in MC, since the
only alternative would be MSP and it looks as if MSP has even less room than
MC (if we follow the suggestion to move some exotic new glyphs from MC to MS1,
like Dal, Vbar and Vbarslanted). Justin also mentioned two prime ligature
slots which would have to live with the two primes. I have no idea what these
ligature slots are supposed to contain. Perhaps a long-term member of the list
remembers them ?

A final point, regarding upright greek: Ulrik, you marked your improved
upright greek as `experimental'.  Should I integrate it in the next snapshot ?

Regards, Matthias