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Re: more on a Times/Symbol implementation of MC/MSP

> did someone try to implement these encodings with Mathematical Pi or
> Lucida (the 2 rather complete math glyph conatiners i know)?

Sorry, but I'm afraid the answer is plain and simply, because none 
of the current activist have access to those, so we're stuck with
whatever is freely avaiably to everyone who has a PostScript printer, 
consisting of

  - Computer Modern 
    (cmr/cmmi/cmsy/cmex/msam/msbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)

  - Concrete versions of the above 
    (ccr/xccmi/xccsy/xccex/xccam/xccbm + eufm + bbold + MF hackery)

  - AMS Euler (eurm/eusm/euex + reamining symbols from CM/AMS)

  - Times Roman/Adobe Symbol/Zapf Chancery (still incomplete)

As for MathTime, MathPi, or Lucida, you're welcome to try it out
yourself, if you're in a lucky position to have access to those.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S. Once we gain some experience as to what does and what doesn't
work, it may be worthwhile to reconsider the design decisions as to
which of the non-essential symbols should go into MSP or MS1/MS2.
(Here, "non-essential" means everything that's not required to be
in MSP for CM compatibilty in 4 families and was included there 
for reasons of design similarity or systematic grouping.)