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Re: MathML

Concernant « Re: MathML », Ulrik Vieth écrit :
 >   We already have an existing markup syntax, namely TeX,

ah! we have argued for hours within the comittee of the cahiers
gutenberg about this [because of a paper we finally couldn't
publish...], half of the people thought that tex is visual, not at all
semantic, the others (me, indeed) claiming it was at least
fortuitously semantic and not so much visual as so many things could
be altered in the background... I had posted a related question on
comp.text.tex, but only amslatex people cared to follow up. one of my
point was: couldn't maths in latex be `semanticized' enough in order
to make latex3e a good interface for generating MathML code. Surely it
was not the good place to port this debate on, maybe this one being
not better...

> and refinements to that, such as adding more generic tags to allow
 > switching between different conventions are relatively trivial to
 > implement, once a sufficently rich symbol complement is available.

exactly my point, but what actual work (i mean on the tex macros side)
has been undertaken?

>  Recalling that the
 > EuroTeX call-for-papers mentioned HTML/XML/MathML as one of the
 > potential topics, I wonder if there would any chance for a joint
 > session on MathML and math font encodings?

as a member of the comittee, i do think this is good idea, but will
there be enough `meat'? As far as I experienced myself, it is very
hard to find people simultaneously knowledgeable and idle enough to
discuss on these topics. If something in this direction is proposed
(key-words: fonts, math fonts, encodings, XML, MathMl, portability) i
am sure it would be accepted.
The cahiers gutenberg are also preparing an issue on maths typesetting
(including typesetting rules, how one can manage to follow them using
latex, we'd also  like to have something on mathml & semantic markup)
If you have any piece of information on these issue, please tell me
where to grab them.

aka `the talkative newbie'