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Re: More questions on low slots

Ulrik Vieth writes:

 > > But is this worth the effort ? 
 > I don't know.  We'd really need some more background information about
 > where the technical requirements come from.  Any experts listening here?

i think Berthold Horn (Y&Y) and Richard Kinch (TrueTeX) are good
candidates to ask (probably not on this list). also perhaps move that
discussion for a moment to comp.fonts; or say it this way: ask the
people there what opinions they have concerning these issues.

truetype comes to my mind when we speak about restrictions below 32

the reason for some of the conservative restrictions in Justin's
original proposal (maybe not in the final one as he might have
forgotten some :-) was to support the use of such fonts
****outside**** the TeX world

now you might think this is of no interest since we are doing TeX, but
this is not true as the commercial vendors are more likely to go with
such a setup of they can offer those fonts also for other software.

frank (speaking from memory which isn't that good these days)