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More questions on low slots

Yesterday, I reread Justin Zieglers paper and found a constraint 
which I had overread so far: At the place where it is mandated that
slot 32 be the space in all encodings, it is also stated that there
should be no ligature/kerning relations between the regions 0-32 and
33-255 to make it easy to put the low region into a separate font
for dumb software. 

This is not satisfied in our current implementation. I wonder if it
is even satisfied in the original YAASP proposal, since it has the
skewchar in slot 0 (and by definition there will be lot of kerning
relations with the skewchar from all over the font). 

We could try to satisfy the constraint as well as possible
in the original proposal (ie leave the skewchar in the low region,
but avoid any kerning/ligature information between ordinary glyphs
from the two regions), but it will not be easy in MC. At least the
slash would have to move in the high region; there might be more.

But is this worth the effort ? 

Regards, Matthias