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Remaining missing glphs

Hi again,

after playing with the latest release, I had at what symbols are
actually still missing in the MC font tables and would like to 
raise a couple of questions.

1. There's a slot for an Arabic letter `Dal'.  Does this bear any
   relation to the Hebrew letter `Daleth', which we already have?
   If so, could we perhaps get rid it and gain another free slot?

2. There are two slots for `Chi1' and `Chi1upright'.  According
   to the Unicode table there is no such thing as a variant of
   Greek capital letter Chi (quote unlike in the case of Upsilon), 
   so I wonder if this got into Justin's list by mistake?

3. There are two slots for faked `Vbar' and `Vbarslanted' glyphs.
   Accoding to Justin's report, these were mentioned in a message
   forwared by Joerg which I couldn't find in the mail archives.
   Could someone clarify what these are supposed to be good for
   and whether both variants are actually needed?  Personally,
   I've never seen such a notation in physics, so I'd like to
   see a reference justifying their use.

4. There are two slots for \varbeta (`beta1' and `beta1upright').
   This one, I could find in the Unicode tables (U+03D0) listed
   as `Greek Symbol Beta', so it is probably justified to leave
   that one in, even if it is not currently available in Metafont.
   (Yannis's OmegaTimesGreek (TUGboat 17#2) also has this one.)

5. Finally, there are Stigma, Digamma, Koppa, and Sampi which
   Yannis calls Greek numerals (and provides in both upper- and 
   lowercase), while Unicode 2.0 list them as Greek capitals.
   I am confused as to their significance and use in math mode
   outside of very specific applications in Greek typesetting,
   so I'm skeptical about there justification in a math font.
   Could someone perhaps provide some background information?

   (In any case, the existing \digamma should certainly be kept
   for backwards compatibility. From what I've seen, the uppercase
   variant (if included at all) should like like a regular `F', 
   so it would be easy to fake one if needed.)

Comments, anyone?  Is Yannis still listening one this list, 
or did he get dropped off after a change of mail addresses?

Cheers, Ulrik.