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Re: Question about Euler arrows

ulrik vieth, in response to my message that i've sent an inquiry to
don knuth about the euler arrows, sent a couple more questions.
i'll forward them as well, and hope that they get attached to the
message already sent.

he asked another question too:
    P.S. As for Knuth's Q&A sessions: Does anyone if there exists a
    transcript of the latest event at www.cbooks.com some weeks ago.  
    I haven't had an opportunity to download or listen to the RealAudio
    file, so I wonder if any such transcript exists.

i corresponded with someone at the computer literacy bookstore in
july, asking about this.  i've just checked, and there's no obvious
link any more to this interview, so i have written to the bookstore
to ask about it.  i have asked for access to the transcript (if one
exists), and (if the content is appropriate) permission to publish
it in tugboat.  we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
						-- bb