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Re: Question about Euler arrows

Barbara wrote:

> i'm about to send a message via knuth's secretary (who may choose to
> let it sit for an indeterminate while, or to pass it along now) asking
> for
>  - explicit permission to post his tugboat articles, including all
>    q&a sessions, to the tug web site and ctan;
>  - the source (if he still has it) of "typesetting concrete";
>  - a ruling on the status of the euler arrows.

Thanks, very much.  I suppose your chances of getting Knuth's
attention will be better than anybody else's.  As for a ruling on 
the status of Euler fonts, there might be a few more questions
to consider:

   - Knuth's version of ebigof.mf (distributed with tex95.tar.gz) 
     vs. the AMS version (distributed with AMS Fonts).

   - Knuth's euxm fonts (now in teTeX-0.9) vs. the AMS eusm fonts.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts.

Cheers, Ulrik.

P.S. As for Knuth's Q&A sessions: Does anyone if there exists a
transcript of the latest event at www.cbooks.com some weeks ago.  
I haven't had an opportunity to download or listen to the RealAudio
file, so I wonder if any such transcript exists.