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Re: Question about Euler arrows

ulrich and matthias bring up several questions that i can address.

    This weekend, I've been re-reading Knuth's article on ``Typesetting
    Concrete'' from TUGboat 10#1.

    What a pity that these old TUGboat issues are not available online -
    the only issue I own is the very last one and the next library that
    holds TUGboat seems to be in Stuttgart.

it's been the goal of those responsible for tugboat to make the back
issues available in electronic form; what we lack is the person-power
to make it happen.  we also lack permission from authors -- there was
never explicit permission granted for anything but publication, and
although we may not legally require it, we prefer to be safe, so we
are undertaking to obtain from all authors their specific permission
to post their articles in readable form on the web.

however, in the case of the article "typesetting concrete", things
are even more complicated -- when it was published, i didn't have
the facilities to produce output using the concrete fonts, so knuth
provided camera copy, and never backed this up with the file.  i am
about to send him an inquiry whether he still has this file among
his archives (only a slim hope); if so, i will try to expedite the
availability of this article into the public electronic archives.

regarding euler arrows,

    One argument for using the Euler arrows might be compatibility with
    Euler.sty ?

    Yes, but the metrics are the same, so it wouldn't break anything.  
    The question is really: Have the Euler arrows been obsoleted by 
    the revision of the CM arrows in 1992?  Perhaps Barbara knows an
    appropriate way as to how and when to feed this question to Knuth?
    Perhaps I should post a non-bug report about `Concrete Mathematics'
    to the knuth-bugs email address?

well, the knuth-bugs email address is my address, so an additional
note (since i'm responding to this) is redundant.

i'm about to send a message via knuth's secretary (who may choose to
let it sit for an indeterminate while, or to pass it along now) asking
 - explicit permission to post his tugboat articles, including all
   q&a sessions, to the tug web site and ctan;
 - the source (if he still has it) of "typesetting concrete";
 - a ruling on the status of the euler arrows.

i'll report when i have some information.
						-- bb