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Re: Question about Euler arrows

>I noticed that the explanation given for the design of the Euler
>arrows in euex10 was to make the arrowheads darker in order to match
>the color of the Euler fonts.
>Now, I was wondering, if there is still any justification to have
>different Euler arrows at all, or whether the post-1992 CM arrows
>would do just as well?

  From the purely aesthetical point of view, I have noticed it being
difficult to get hold of nicely designed arrow-heads: Those that I like the
most have curved front and back, and are longer than the TeX ones. I think
this is the style of Timothy van Zandt's PStricks, as displayed in a paper
"arnheim.ps" about commutative diagrams by Gabriel Valiente Feruglio, which
I do not recall where I found.

  Hans Aberg
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