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Re: What are the chances of...

Matthias Clasen wrote:

>> -  How many of us are actually planning or at least considering 
>> to attend the conference and who would the participants?

> Until now, I have neither planned nor considered it. And I'm not very
> optimistic about my spare time in March.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, I am considering it, hoping that I can
afford both the time and the money.  (It'll depend on how the work on
my thesis is progressing.)

If I can attend the conference, I'm certainly willing to participate
in a group session or panel discussion.  I suppose I would be able 
to give a presentation if no one else does.  However, considering my
relative shortage of time I'd gladly leave that task to someone else.
>> and most importantly:
>> -  How much work could realistically be done until the date of
>> conference or the deadline for the final paper (February, 1)?

> If we decide to `go public', I think that we would have to stop working 
> on the implementation and concentrate on documentation/presentation.

I think it depends on what kind of presentation we want to go for.  It
doesn't necessarily have to be all polished.  It might suffice to give
an overview of where we started, what the design goals were, and what
we have achieved by the time of the conference.  It might be perfectly
fine just to say: ``This is what we have.  We're still working on some
of the details, but we want to hear what you think about it, anyway.''

> I think it would be helpful to prepare a list of possible issues 
> which could be changed versus fundamental design decisions which 
> would better not be revisited. Many items for this list can probably
> extracted from Justin Zieglers work and some are listed in the
> TODO file.

Yes, indeed.  Reviewing the open issues and compiling a TODO list is
certainly a good idea.  For instance, there are still a number of
slots reserved for ``wierd'' symbols that are very unlikely to be ever
filled in from the present repertoire of Metafont fonts unless somone
will work on desiging them.  Perhaps we should also look into other
work such as the MathML (HTML-Math) working draft to see what kind 
of symbols we have incorporated that no one else has considered and
what kind of symbols we haven't incldued that are used elsewhere.

Just some thoughts.

Cheers, Ulrik.