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Re: comments on mathfont-0.5

Ulrik Vieth writes:
 > 2.  Some of the font tables in mathfont/doc/charts.dvi lie partially
 > off the page.  The guilty part seems to be the line \textheight=1000pt
 > at the top of mathfont/tex/charts.tex.  Replacing the 1000pt by a more
 > reasonable value like 650pt should fix it.
 > Surprisingly, the comment "%FMi" in the offending line seems to
 > indicate that the problem came from nfssfont.tex form LaTeX base.  
 > Is there any good reason for this or simply a LaTeX bug?  (Frank?)

this is simply "i don't know".

i'm still looking for some volunteer who does have a look at this
nfssfont.tex and updates it's interface to also allow to specify fonts
using nfss syntax, eg
  \nfssspec cmr/m/n/10

or something like that. that update could then also include producing
a more sensible page layout. any takers?

so yes, think this is most likely a bug. don't have any idea why i
added that back then (perhaps to ensure that large tables fit? but it
is a stupid value)

 > 5.  Concerning the Euler version:  I don't see why you treat Euler
 > just as another math version.  Shouldn't it actually be another
 > implementation containing Euler as normal and Euler bold as bold?

i haven't yet looked at the implementation only downloaded it but i do
agree that Euler should be implemented as an alternative, ie as a full
(or partially full) set of fonts to be used as an alternative to cm