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Re: Math font announcement in TTN 4,2

Frank writes (and I agree with most of what he says that's not
reproduced here):

> there is, for example, a group on standardizing \special's which
> exists I think longer than i'm part of the TeX community which goes
> way back. Nothing really ever happened in terms of final decisions or
> actual implementations although a lot went on over the years. 

That's probably a bad example to choose, since (AFAICT) that group has
got itself into gear and is likely imminently to produce some real
workable ideas/working code.

TWGs in general aren't a stunning success, but a lot of good solid
work seems to be done, and we may see others than the specials, maths
fonts and TDS groups also producing something soon.

> ps. having said all this I just want to warn everybody that any flames
> will go to /var/spool for some time as i have to leave tomorrow on a
> project unrelated to TeX---ie to earn my living as free TeX work
> unfortunately doesn't provide me for that

Would that we could pay you all...