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classical drift zeroing policy

classical drift zeroing policy

Dear Tom,

        Suppose for the moment we are in the world of
.pk fonts with an old fashioned driver that places 
bitmaps on a pixel grid.

         Even in this classical model I do not know what causes
drift to be "zeroed".  Some questions.

--- a couple of theories have been mentioned for horizontal skips.

--- what about skips and vertical drift.

--- what else causes drift zeroing.  Font change seems to.
What else? (Rules, pushes pops, specials, skips...)

         If  .vf's are to make headway, there must be a body of wisdom
or a standard for building successful ones. For example, if Alan and
Jiri are going to have to learn to make clever "fibonacci skips" there
is going to have to be some groundwork laid out in public.


             larry siebenmann