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back to the simple .pk world??

back to the simple .pk world??

 Tom> the file seems to call for some strange &tmrm or some such
 Tom> PK file. 

&tmrm.tfm is posted and the same as rptrm.tfm. The sample seems
vf based on Adobe type1.  It seems self contained using tmrm.tfm,
tmrm.vf and raw &tmrm.tfm.  I *guess* its is Zlatushka's .vf from
his program accents (??).

    Have we here the reason why not a single .vf made by Jiri's
"accents" program has ever been posted??

 Tom> I don't see Adobe widths entering into things at all, anywhere.

When The PS interpreter lays down the sequence of type1 Times
characters "kompilace" I believe that Adobe widths plus of
course initial position rounding to grid and (unspecified,
possibly mysterious) Adobe drift control are what determine
the character positions.

 Tom> So, please send me the remaining files (might as well be complete about
 Tom> it and send me all the necessary files---psfonts.map, and all .tfm, .vf,
 Tom> and .pk files needed at the various resolutions---and throw in a .dvi
 Tom> for comparison.)  I'll look again; sorry about being so hasty in my
 Tom> earlier analysis.

I would second this Peter!  As I have been explaining the Adobe
example involves unknowns that are probably a commercial secret may
even be printer dependant. So if there is a similar purely ".pk"
example it should be dealt with first!

  Laurent Siebenmann